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Solar Battery

SOLAROOM Solar Battery Power Store Pro Series

All-in-one Solar Battery System

▲Inverter/AC charger/Solar Charger/Lithium battery 4 in 1

▲MPPT solar charger built inside, high charging eficiency

▲Smart BMS management system inside

▲LiFePO4 Cell up to 2000 times charge/discharge cycles life


    SOLAROOM Solar Battery PowerStore SR-PS-5.5KW/10.24KWH adopts lithium batteries as a built-in battery type. Lithium batteries have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high capacity density. When applied to an integrated solar energy storage system, the volume and weight of the system can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing freight costs. The most popular battery type currently on the market.



1. All in one system, built inside with 48V lithium battery module, 6kw Off grid solar inverter, Solar/AC Charger;

2. Modular & Stacked Design for easy installation and expansion;

3. Smart BMS built inside,with communication protocol;

4. LiFePO4 cells cycle time Up to 6000 times charge/discharge cycles life;

5. With 120A MPPT Solar charging and AC charging function;

6. With all around protection;

7. DOD 80%, warranty 5 years, 10+ years life design.



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