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Solar Bracket


Technical Parameter

InstallationType : Tile Roof

Tilt Angle : Flushed With Roof 

Max Snow Load :1.4KN/m2

Max.Wind Speed : 42m/s

Design Standards : AS/NZS1170,DIN1055,IBC2006,etc.

ModuleType : Framed or Frameless

Module Configuration : Landscape or Portrait

Warranty : Fifteen Years


Pitched roof mounting system was widely used for the small and medium size solar PV system, it is suitable for framed and frameless module installation. Design based on stress analysis and wind engineering analysis to optimize the system. The product complied with AS/NZS 1170, DIN 1055, IBC 2012, GB50009-2012 and other local building code and construction acts. Use the HDP galvanized steel, SUS304 stainless steel, AL6063, AL6005 anodized aluminum alloy as the structure materials to provide long term corrosion resistance, suitable for extremely climate condition.

The system can achieve the best angle of solar components installed,applicable to Rome, tile, slate tile fish such as various types of tle roots, solar panels can be installed at any speclficatons, using advanced modular design, componentcommonalty with resistance, conwenient installation, on-site without a two processing.Customized requirements are available.


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