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Solar Bracket


Technical Parameter

InstallationType : BUR; PVC; TPO; SMS; Most Low Slope Roofs

Tilt Angle : 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° or Customized

Max Snow Load :1.4KN/m2 through add snow feet

Max.Wind Speed : 50m/s (110mph) through add penetrations

Design Standards : AS/NZS1170,DIN1055,IBC2006,etc.

Module Compatibility : All Major Brands Modules

Module Configuration : Landscape or Portrait

Warranty : Fifteen Years


Ballasted roof mount system optimizes the performance of solar modules,that a unique modular support concept provides the flexibility to design, and install the grid mounting structure around roof obstructions and avoid shaded areas. Based on stress analysis and wind engineering analysis, wind tunnel testing data to optimize the system. designs that require less ballast weight and no or less roof penetrations for most site applications and complied with the local building code and other construction acts.

SOLAROOM ballasted roof mount system use HDP galvanized steel, SUS304 stainless steel, AL6063, AL6005 anodized aluminum alloy as the structure materials to provide long term corrosion resistance, suitable for extremely climate condition. Pre-assembled mounting assembly and fewer hardware components greatly reduce on site assembly thus saving both valuable time and costs on every roof installation. The design also provides flexibility for a wide range of roof and installation variations. Tilt angle is available in 5°, 10°, 15° and 20° to maximize PV output as required by project location. Custom orders of other angles are available.

It is widely used in commercial & residential distributed solar power system. 
Unique modular structure design optimizes the performance of the solar system. It provides flexibility on installation on different roof condition, even around roof obstructions and help avoiding shaded area.Customized requirements  available.


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